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Focused Energy

Commercial electrical services

Carson & Carter Electric is your premier electrical company in the Buford and Atlanta area. We have many clients in the area over the years, and we are looking to offer our services to new clients today! Continue below to learn more about our services and what they include.

New Wiring Systems

New Construction

New construction electrical services are essential for any building project that requires electrical wiring and systems. From running wires to connecting new appliances/systems, our new construction electrical services can ensure that the electrical installation is done safely, efficiently, and according to all codes and standards.

Electrical Circuit Breaker panel in new home construction
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Trustworthy Installations

Equipment Installation

New equipment installation electrical services require qualified and licensed electricians who have the skills and experience to handle any type of electrical project. They also require coordination with other contractors and inspectors to ensure compliance with the codes and standards.

Our team of electricians are qualified to handle various farms of equipment and system installation. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you.

Brighten up any area

Lighting Services

Our lighting electrical services include installing, repairing, or upgrading the lighting systems in any building or facility. Having well maintained lighting systems can have various purposes, such as enhancing the appearance, functionality, safety, or energy efficiency of a space. Common lighting fixtures that we work on include:

Electric Light Point Installing
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Upgrade Your Electrical Systems


Consider remodeling electrical services to upgrade, repair, or install electrical systems in a building or a home. Electrical remodeling can improve the safety, efficiency, and functionality of the electrical system, as well as enhance the appearance and value of the property. Some examples of remodeling electrical services that we offer are:

Remodeling electrical services require professional expertise and compliance with local codes and regulations. Hiring a licensed and experienced electrician can ensure that the remodeling project is done correctly, safely, and efficiently. By working with a qualified electrician, we can provide advice on the best electrical solutions for your specific needs and goals.

Stay up to date

New Tenant Buildouts

New tenant buildout electrical services involves designing, installing, and/or modifying electrical systems for a new or existing tenant unit. New tenant buildout electrical services can help a tenant customize the electrical system to suit their specific needs, preferences, and budget.

New tenant buildout electrical services can require careful planning and coordination with the building owner, manager, architect, engineer, and contractor. Hiring a licensed and experienced electrician can ensure that the new tenant buildout project is done according to the local codes and regulations, as well as the tenant’s specifications and expectations.

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We work with you


Our new relocation electrical services involves moving, installing, and/or adjusting electrical systems for clients who are relocating to a different building. Our relocation services can help you transition smoothly and safely to your new location, as well as optimize the electrical system to meet current and future needs.